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Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognise the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the way we manage our business. We understand our responsibilities to our employees, customers & suppliers, shareholders, the environment & the community at large.


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Click the link below to download our Code of Conduct (pdf format)  

Code of Conduct 


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We believe that a responsible approach to developing relationships between companies and the communities they serve is a vital part of delivering business success. Therefore, we support local community and charity initiatives both financially and by supporting participation of employees in the sharing of their time and skills in such projects. The CSR team within United Drug generate creative and innovative ideas and encourage and drive participation in progressing the company CSR strategy within the United Drug ROI business units. 

Ambitious employees take part in various projects to assist local schools, businesses and community groups. Initiatives to date have included the Time to read Programme for primary school children which aims to assist children further develop their literacy and social skills; a programme to support the over 50s in basic computing skills; Workshops for local schools including, CV Building, Interview Techniques and the significance of Mathematics in industry.  In United Drug we have partnered with St Marks Community College to encourage students to pursue a career within Business.   

Fundraising within the company is an essential element of the culture of United Drug. We have organised a number of ‘one off’ fundraising events including, sponsored Marathon, Slimathon, Hell & Back Endurance Challenge and It’s a Knockout, Barnardos Camino De Santigo, focus Ireland Christmas, Breast Cancer Awareness Bake offs, the generosity of employees through ‘Payroll Giving’,  has been recognised by the Charities Aid Foundation who awarded them with ‘Gold Status’ award.



United Drug is committed to limiting the impact our businesses have on the environment. We ensure all statutory requirements are in place, that the highest standards are adhered to and good environmental practice is applied in managing our businesses.

One example is our United Drug’s participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project, which has reduced their annual carbon emissions by 639.3 tonnes (18%) since 2008.



Our success is based on being able to attract, develop and retain talent at every level in the organisation. That’s why United Drug has a proven track record of developing careers and helping employees fulfil their potential.  


We believe in giving people significant responsibility at an early stage in their careers. This provides an exciting environment for ambitious professionals and is a central aspect of attracting talented individuals. Our approach is focused on developing and enhancing the leadership and management capability of the entire organisation  


Workplace Group

United Drug is dedicated to creating working environments that are safe, enjoyable, supportive and free from any kind of discrimination. We have programmes to continually improve our performance in these areas and a dedicated team to support and monitor progress.

We recently set up the Employee Assistance Programmes, which aims to ensure the well-being of our employees and their families